The Saint-George Clinic

The patient in the heart and
excellence in mind

The care offer

The clinic was founded in 1969. Successive extensions and modernization work have enabled it to position itself both technically and in terms of hotel facilities.
The clinic holds the following licenses:

Surgery : 157 beds and places including :

  • 8 surgical resuscitation beds
  • 35 surgical beds with particularly expensive care
  • Outpatient surgery: 21 places

Medicine : 115 beds and places including :

  • 4 medical resuscitation beds
  • 8 medical beds with particularly expensive care.
  • Outpatient chemotherapy: 49 places

Obstetrics and gynecology : 55 beds

Structure of the emergency room 23,478 visits in 2007 with an average of 64 patients per day.

Medical assistance in procreation

Oncology with a Cancer Coordination Center (3C) and an outpatient chemotherapy service

Palliative Care: 3 undifferentiated beds...

Surgical activity

The clinic is a multi-purpose surgical center performing more than 27,000 operations per year in many specialties. It provides emergency or scheduled surgery. It provides :


  • eight blocks of 25 operating rooms (15 hyperaseptic rooms, five aseptic rooms, five endoscopy rooms), with state-of-the-art equipment offering optimal safety for highly technical multidisciplinary surgery;
  • On-site central sterilization;
  • 10 induction rooms ;
  • five post-interventional surveillance rooms with 34 stations;
  • 149 traditional hospitalization beds ;
  • 8 beds of continuous surveillance of surgery.

The clinic has seven surgical hospitalization departments.
The rooms are very spacious and are all equipped with a bathroom with shower, individual television (headphones for double rooms) and telephone. Many single rooms are available.
The practitioners have, on the spot, an important medical imaging center including, in particular, a 64-bar scanner and an MRI.

The commitments of the Saint-George clinic

1. To offer the patient a wide range of quality care
2. To provide the patient with quality and personalized care
3. To offer the patient a modern and diversified technical platform
4. To provide the patient with quality hotel services
5. Abolish city/clinic boundaries