All about Foot Surgery in Nice

Foot surgery is a part of medicine where treatment requires physical intervention on the body, most often through surgery. It can be manual or instrumental. There are several types of surgery as it is possible to have several ailments that require surgical intervention.

These include foot surgery, visceral surgery, neurosurgery, etc. Of course, each surgical specialty mentioned above concerns one or more parts of the body. For example, foot surgery may involve the arms, feet, etc. This surgical specialty treats skeletal-related disorders, the feet being generally one of the parts of the body most exposed to orthopedic pain.

One of the most common foot deformities is hallux valgus or bunion. In most cases, this foot deformity requires surgery. However, some people have recourse to surgery for aesthetic reasons.



Curing hallux valgus with foot surgery

Hallux valgus is a condition that continually evolves. Therefore, surgery is preferable for an isolated hallux valgus rather than an advanced hallux valgus that has led to other problems such as claw toes. If the above-mentioned methods fail, surgery may become necessary. The goal of surgery is to realign the big toe by reducing the gap between the first and second metatarsals. Several surgical techniques are available. There are percutaneous and minimally invasive techniques.

- Percutaneous surgery is performed through a 2 mm skin incision. It requires specific interventions allowing the surgeon to better perform the operation. It has the advantage of being performed on an outpatient basis, thus avoiding hospitalization.

- Minimally invasive surgery allows for minimal skin incisions (2 cm) while using the techniques of conventional surgery. It is a sort of fusion of conventional and percutaneous surgery.

From mild deformities in the beginning, hallux valgus can become a serious ailment. When this condition appears, it is important to adopt certain rules to reduce the pain. However, surgery may become necessary if the condition progresses.