Pole of excellence

The overall management of the patient in foot surgery requires, on the one hand, a mastery of specific surgical techniques, and on the other hand, a management of anesthesia adapted to this type of surgery (loco-regional anesthesia).

The hyperspecialization of operating techniques and types of anesthesia, as well as the convergence of the various medical and surgical teams, allow for the improvement of foot surgery management with the objective of making it safer, faster and more efficient.

Our medical and surgical team as well as our partner structures are involved in a quality approach based on several axes:

1 - Information to patients :

This was done through the elaboration of the information booklet (the booklet is available for download here), as well as through the realization of this website.

2 - Evaluation of professional practices :
Which consists in making a constant analysis of our activity in relation to the available professional recommendations, resulting in the implementation of tools and methods for improving professional practices, the involvement of practitioners in the various quality and efficiency indicators in the partner structures.
3 - A continuing medical education policy :

For our medical and surgical team, always keeping in mind the convergence of knowledge, necessary for any effective treatment.

The training policy also involves the nursing staff, for whom training sessions have been and will be organized, which reinforces the involvement of all staff in the care improvement process.

4 - The development of an efficient technical platform:
Meeting the latest standards and requirements for foot surgery.