The Saint-Antoine Clinic

Founded in 1925, the clinic, located in the center of Nice, became part of the Saint GEORGE Group in 1993. This medico-surgical clinic has 129 beds and places (104 surgical beds including 6 intensive care beds, 6 ambulatory surgical places and 15 medical beds).

Successive extensions and regular modernization work have enabled the clinic to position itself at the best level both in terms of hospitalization and technical aspects. Surgery and medicine are the two main activities of the clinic.
The respect of the patient's rights is one of the major axes of the establishment. This is reflected in a personalized welcome that respects confidentiality from the admissions office to the care services.

The computerization of patient records, and in particular the medication circuit, has been underway since 2007.
The organization of the operating room is functional, associates the various professionals and allows an optimal and secure care of the patient.
The CLIN, represented by the operational hygiene team, is involved in all the clinic's sectors of activity. Risk control is achieved through the effective implementation of correlated vigilances within the vigilance and risk management committee, which meets weekly.

Medical and surgical activity

It is organized around the following specialties:


  • surgical specialties: orthopedic, digestive, vascular, ophthalmologic surgery...
  • medical and surgical specialties: urology, ENT, gynecology, etc.
  • plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • medical specialties: gerontology, gastroenterology, dermatology, oncology...

Patients benefit from physiotherapy actions according to their needs, 7 days a week. In case of specific needs, a psychologist can be called in.

The hotel and comfort

There are two types of rooms, the twin room and the single room.

All rooms are equipped with :

  • Shower room and WC
  • Caregiver call system
  • Television
  • Telephone with direct line
  • Individual safe.
  • Air conditioning.

An accompanying bed can be provided in a single room for an additional fee

  • Hospitalization Services:
    • 3 surgical departments
    • 1 medicine department
    • 1 department with six post-operative monitoring stations


  • Two operating theatres with 7 operating rooms:
    • 4 aseptic operating rooms, equipped with a laminar flow system and a preanesthesia box
    • 1 septic operating room, equipped with a laminar flow with a preanesthesia box
    • 2 operating rooms for outpatient surgery equipped with a laminar flow with pre-anesthesia box
    • 1 post-interventional surveillance room with 12 stations
    • 1 central sterilization service


  • Endoscopy Department:
    • 1 examination room
    • 1 endoscope processing room


  • Radiology Department:
    • 2 rooms equipped with a remote-controlled table and an ampli of brilliance
    • 1 ultrasound room


  • Other premises :
    • 1 outpatient department with 6 places and 1 post-interventional surveillance room
    • 1 outpatient department (3 small surgery rooms and outpatient care...)