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crucial to any treatment".

Doctor Becquet, specialist in foot and hand surgery

Foot surgery in Nice

On the site the doctor Eddy BECQUET and his team is
entirely dedicated to the foot surgery (Hallux valgus surgery, the surgery minimally invasive and percutaneous surgery...) and the hand (Sprains, wounds...), this site aims to provide information as complete and fair as possible. Information at
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By answering your questions and providing practical information, this site will allow you to better prepare for a possible consultation, foot surgery or to extend it with a clear head. It is not intended to replace the consultation, and even less to shorten the direct relationship between the patient and his doctor, this website serves as an effective communication tool and source of information at the service of the patient.

 Foot surgery in Nice ? Hallux valgus surgery ? Mini-invasive and percutaneous ?
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The management of foot surgery patients requires a mastery of surgical techniques and an anesthesia management adapted to this type of surgery. Foot surgery is handled by our best collaborators

Pain Management in Foot Surgery

During and after foot surgery (percutaneous or minimally invasive surgery) Pain management is an essential component of quality care. Pain management remains a central concern for us, 

Minimally invasive percutaneous foot surgery

The progress of minimally invasive surgery and percutaneous surgery in Nice over the last few years has made it almost unavoidable in the therapeutic proposals for the correction of hallux valgus...


Prior information about foot surgery is essential and necessary. Experience shows that oral explanations given by the foot surgeon are better assimilated by the patient when he or she has specific documentation written for him or her, which he or she can consult calmly in an environment outside the office: this is the reason why this manual has been written.

By answering the questions most often asked about the various foot pathologies (hallux valgus or bunion, claw toes, morton's neuroma, ingrown toenails, etc.), this book provides the surgeon with a written support that can help him or her to integrate the information provided by the physician regarding the specific modalities of the proposed surgery.


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